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Since opening in 2019, Rely Coaching has attracted incredible clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, industries and life experiences. Keep scrolling to hear from some of the amazing humans we have worked with.

I wanted a career coach who could do more than give job seeking tips and change my resume. I needed a coach that would partner with me on an introspective, emotional journey to uncover my future career vision. Tarrynn was that coach.  She was open, honest, insightful and offered straightforward guidance to help concrete my career path. I will work with Tarrynn again and I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for something more than a typical career coach.

Patrice J.

"In Tarrynn you will find professional, honest, friendly guidance and a true desire for you to succeed. I speak from experience -- she helped me land a fulfilling new role that is both competitive and meaningful to me."

Alex Y.

I was interested in working with Tarrynn just by what I learned on her website alone. She worked with millennials and younger professionals going through career transitions, and her career coaching perspective seemed inclusive of the “whole person” and their deeper passions. But, what solidified my decision to work with her was how she treated me; she seemed excited to connect with me and hear my story, and in turn I felt comfortable and welcomed.
What I appreciate from Tarrynn’s services are her coaching workbooks and how they connected with our conversations. These workbooks were an opportunity for me to engage in deep reflection about topics related to my career dreams, my limiting beliefs, my passions, etc. During our sessions Tarrynn listened really well and gave advice that was specific, actionable, and tailored to me..

Nybria A.

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